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10 reasons why the Tegernsee Valley is one of a kind


In terms of geography, nothing compares to the Bavarian Alp region. In addition to the unique landscape around the Tegernsee, Munich and Salzburg are only a stone’s throw away. Innsbruck is reachable within one driving hour – one more if you want to go to Bozen. In addition to that, it’s only a one hour drive to the Munich airport and just a few minutes more if you choose to fly from Innsbruck or Salzburg.


Despite the inevitable face- and name recognition of some Tegernsee inhabitants, nobody gets star-struck here. It’s an unwritten law not to bother those recognizable ones, so that they can live a normal life and feel at home in their community. What counts here is the person, not his or her degree of fame.


Quite rarely are lakes framed so smoothly by mountains of the Alpine foreland which makes the whole panorama all the more impressive. Also, the valley’s unique location leads to an extraordinary drinking water quality, as crystal clear mountain brooks provide the region with the best they have to offer.


Dirndl and Lederhos’n are rather must-have’s as part of a living tradition than an ethnic alibi to hold on to.


Here, you’ll get the best out of two worlds

– Established Tradition and Modernity.


There is practically no sport that you can’t do here – regardless of your own skill level.


The local offerings include activities such as hiking, horse riding, golf, cycling and mountain biking, ballooning, paragliding and beach volleyball as well as numerous other water- and wind sports.


The classy, traditional-Bavarian joy of life is carried out and embraced by people of any ethnic group and nationality in this Alp region – which is sometimes direct and affirmative, but always heartfelt and courteous.


Dating back to the year 746, the two Benedictine monks Ottokar and Adalbert founded the Tegernsee Monastery and concurrently made the valley habitable. In 1817, King Max I. Joseph of Bavaria bought the former Benedictine Monastery as a summer residence.


To this day, the Tegernsee attracts nobles as well as notables in the economy, in politics, art and other celebrities.


Experience more than 120 restaurants, local eateries and traditional taverns around the Tegernsee. No matter if you’re craving plain Bavarian-, exotic or gourmet cuisine – you’re most definitely going to find it here.


The Tegernsee Valley isn’t only one of the most secure regions in Bavaria but in all of Germany. Whoever decides to make a home here will be able to sleep safe and sound.


Germany’s supposedly most secure region offers more than 100 medical offices, including some of the best doctors in their respective fields.


Prevention, rehab-clinics, a state of the art emergency system as well as one of the most advanced hospitals in the country are all within short distance.

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